Need New Tires? Premier Clearwater New Tire Dealer Carries the Best New Tires for Optimum Safety and Driving Experience

Tires should be in the best condition possible

The tread on your tires is getting worn.They have cracks or grooves in the sidewalls. Even worse, maybe they have a bulge or blister. It’s time for new tires. Worn tires not only contribute to a bad driving experience, and decreased fuel efficiency, but driving with worn-out tires is downright dangerous. In wet conditions, your car will not hold the road, creating a potentially dangerous situation. A tire blow-out at a high speed is dangerous and can be easily avoided with a new set of tires.

If your tires are old and worn, we can help! We are the new tire dealer Clearwater residents love for top brands, great prices and friendly service. Don’t ride on unsafe tires another day – we are open 6 days a week.

When obvious signs of tire wear is visible, or you are experiencing a vibration when driving, it’s time to replace those tires. A1 Tire is located just south of Ulmerton Road in Clearwater, Florida. We carry all major brands of new and used tires at great prices. If you need new tires and want friendly service and a convenient location, come to A1 Tire and Auto Repair today.

Our skilled technicians also offer professional auto repair and service, including brake service, electric service and wiring, and auto air conditioning repair.