Professional Auto Electric Repair in Clearwater

When the electrical power in your car is compromised it will probably be obvious. The car simply will not start. This could signal a problem with your starter. Or it could just be a loose connection to the battery that can be fixed with the turn of a wrench.

Some of these problems you can eyeball yourself—a corroded battery connection, for example. Sometimes you need a sophisticated diagnostic test to get to the heart of the problem. A1 can help you pinpoint the source of the malfunction, and rectify that situation quickly.

If your car, truck or SUV is having electrical problems, don’t wait until the entire system becomes faulty. At A1, our Clearwater auto electric repair specialists will diagnose the electrical system problem and have it repaired in no time.

Reliable Clearwater auto electric repair shop knows how your car’s electrical system works inside & out

When you turn your car on, the battery provides electricity to the starter. Powering the starter is actually the largest source of electrical current draw from the battery. This is your battery’s hardest work. The battery also powers the lights, windows, radio, and the ignition system.The starter is connected to the battery, and the ignition switch. As the name implies, the starter is what starts everything up when you turn the key.The starter turns the engine over, and starts the combustion that powers the car.

The alternator spins and produces electricity while the vehicle is running. It does recharge the battery also, but it is not a method for recharging your battery when your battery needs recharging. A failure of the alternator means a failure of electricity in the whole system.Voltage is regulated by the car’s computerized engine control unit. Servicing your car’s engine control unit is a specialized, high tech task.

A1’s technicians are trained to do the job right.The cables and wires direct the electrical flow throughout the vehicle. Fasteners and connectors hold the cables and wires in place, allowing the electricity to flow to different components without interruption.