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Front End Alignment Service Clearwater

Your steering is mushy. The car doesn’t stay in a straight line, but pulls to one side. The car drifts, and isn’t responsive to your steering. Maybe when you hit a big bump, your steering column jolts.You more than likely need a front end alignment.

Getting new tires, or having the tires rotated won’t fix the problem. A professional front end alignment will fix the unwieldy, unwanted pulling and get you back on the road safely.

Clearwater's front end alignment specialists

Front end alignment is the alignment of the front wheels to the ground, to straight ahead, and how the wheels respond to your steering. To break it down: 

  • -- The wheels are perpendicular to the ground— the camber.
  • -- The wheels point straight ahead when you’re steering straight ahead— the toe.
  • -- The steering column is correctly aligned at the pivot where it connects to the suspension system— the caster. 


The camber is the angle the wheels lean either in, or out when you view the vehicle from the front. If the camber is positive, the tires will show wear on the outside of the tread. If it is negative, the wear will show on the inside of the tread.The caster is the steering axis, or angle of the pivot on which the front wheels are attached to the suspension system. This angle affects how the wheels respond to steering. If the caster is out of whack, the car will pull to one side. The steering can be light, and the vehicle might have a tendency to drift.The toe refers to how much your front tires turn in or out. The wheels should be parallel.A car that toes in-or-out will get a saw-tooth pattern of wear on the tire treads.

Expert alignment service in Clearwater and Tampa Bay since 1989

First, our expert technicians do a visual inspection.Tire wear is a clue.Then, our front end alignment technicians will take your vehicle out for a short test drive to note symptoms, and then get the car up on the alignment rack.There, we take measurements to get the extent to which the wheels are out of alignment.These measurements are compared to the specifications for your vehicle.This information guides us as we make adjustments and corrections to properly align the front end of your car, truck or SUV.

If your car, truck or SUV needs a front end alignment, contact us today, so your drive is straight and smooth

At A1 Tire and Auto Repair, we get your tires, wheels and front end aligned—fast, and at a fair price. Come by or call us today. Located just south of Ulmerton Road at 12790 49th Street North, we are convenient to Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa. Call us at 727-498-8521 or online via email. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and Saturdays by appointment. We also have a large selection of new tires and used tires for cars, trucks and SUVs.